Data Dump 001 – Halberstadt 23 September 2023

There’s a lot of junk in my head. I’m going to let some spill out here.

Alot has been going on in my life. It’s complicated.

(Story removed to protect the innocent, … and the guilty)

I’ll start with my namesake – the town of Halberstadt. This isn’t in chronological order. Just where my head bounces around to as I drift out on this mental sea after visiting each mis-labelled harbor.

Halberstadt is a town in Germany. When I was growing up, Germany was divided in two (well actually parts were lobbed off as well and became parts of the USSR/Poland/France). Halberstadt was then in the south of the GDR (German Democratic Republic.)

The town was heavily damaged in WWII. The post war GDR government couldn’t or wouldn’t rebuild the historic old city that was prior to bombing very similar to some nearby undestroyed towns, like the World Heritage City Quedlingburg.

Here are a few images from Halberstadt from my two week stay last year- these images are from the first day of my two week stay. More can be seen on my website here.






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