Glad you’re here

My name is Michael Halberstadt. I’m a dad, photographer, and grumpy old guy living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Not really sure what I’m gonna do with this site. I hate social media but want to share my thoughts sometimes. Maybe I’ll do it here.

Most of my photography can be seen on my Urbantexture.com website. But that’s just photos. I have a variety of other sites that I occasionally post to including: TheStreetsOfSiliconValley.com, SiliconValleyStock.com, SanFranciscoStock.com, Lensbusters.com.

I’m also working with a friend on a Photographic education website, videos, etc. called Photoscholars.com.

I peaked onto Instrgram again (I’m MKHHubz). I don’t like the format, the short attention span. I’d like to post some of my photos and text and what I’m working on and maybe it’ll be here.

Stay tuned.

Italian Cemetery, Colma






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